Home Innovations 12" Electronic Bug Zapper - Kills Insects & Mosquitoes

Product Description
What's worse than creepy crawling spiders? The creepy crawly things that fly too! This electronic bug zapper will eradicate flying insects, mosquitoes, and annoying bugs from your home! The electronic bug zapper is ideal for indoor use. We all hate when the mosquitoes are attacking when we're outside, but they get in the house too. This bug zapper can take care of the issue with little effort from you. When you notice a bug problem, simply turn on the electronic bug zapper and wait for the issue to take care of itself. Avoid the girlish squeals of bug sightings in your house and order a Home Innovations Electronic Bug Zapper for your home today

• Covers an area up to 320 feet
• Kills insects, mosquitoes, and annoying bugs
• No odor
• No chemicals
• Clean and hygienic-no mess
• 6 foot long UL approved AC cord and plug
• Cost effective: consumes little electricity
• One (1) 12" electronic bug zapper
• One (1) cleaning brush
$20.99 $49.99
Save 58.0%
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