Cozy Nights Lambs Wool Standard Queen Fluff Pile Cover Pillow

Product Description
Treat yourself to the ultimate in luxury and comfort with this Lambs Wool Fluff Pile Cover. It is easy to wash and dry in a machine. Also, it is perfect for back and side sleeping. These are fluffy, long-lasting pillows, specially designed to comfort tired travelers night after night. These pillows are so delightfully soft, your whole family might just squabble over the privilege of snuggling their head on it. They are also hypo-allergenic.

• Synthetic lamb wool cover
• Luxuriously soft
• Fuzzy soft exterior
• Can be used with or without a pillowcase
• Standard/Queen Size (20"x26")
• Machine washable & dry convenience
• Hypo-allergenic for freshness
• 20" x 26" pillow

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